Fears Faced and Lessons Learned: Competing in the Elevator Pitch Finals

By Champlain College student Kiera Magnetti

Photograph by Stephen Mease

Competing in the finals on Tuesday night was an incredible experience. I was thoroughly impressed with the other seventeen pitches, as well as my own performance. This was a commendable group of competitors! Although I was not chosen as a winner, I don’t feel defeated.

I faced one of my biggest fears, one which many share, and that is the fear of speaking publicly. Not only speaking publicly, but also being judged on my performance by a panel of eleven successful businessmen and women, plus an entire audience. All throughout the evening, MC Tim Kavanagh, the three “Suits” and the judges reiterated how impressive it was for so young a group of people to be able to do this. It sounds like just a  cheesy platitude, but I agree with all of them. Everybody who competed in the semi-finals and finals has the right to be proud; this was quite the challenge. It was unlike any other I have ever taken on, and, hey, I have three more years to step up my game and bring home the cash. Now that I know I can succeed at it, I hope to compete again next year.

So congratulations to the winners, and congratulations to the eighteen competitors. Everybody did a phenomenal job, and I applaud you all. Turns out, pitching an elevator is a breeze! :)

One thought on “Fears Faced and Lessons Learned: Competing in the Elevator Pitch Finals

  1. Kiera, I am so proud of you for taking on this challenge!! You did an absolutely awesome job! I hope you walked away from this experience with a newly gained confidence. You can do anything you set your mind to do! Love, Mom

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