The Countdown to Pitching

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By Champlain College student Kiera Magnetti

Days Until Preliminary Round: 5

Less than a week until the preliminary round! All that’s left to do is practice, practice, practice!

I am pretty nervous, but in this case nervous is good. It means I have the heart to put into it. In practicing, I am teaching myself to redirect all of the nervous energy I have into enthusiasm for my pitch. Even though, when I step into that six-by-six foot space on Tuesday night, I expect my heart to be pounding and my hands to be shaking, I know I’ll be able to paste on a smile and hide all that for the next minute and a half. Take that fear, and transform it into charisma. Practicing will also help with nerves, because you’ll know what you want to say by heart.

Best of luck to all who are competing!

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