Buzz Hoerr: ElectroCell Technologies

This past Thursday was the first lecture in the BYOBiz “Speaking from Experience Series.” This year, BYOBiz has partnered up with the Environmental Policy Program. A handful of these speeches are therefore going to be geared toward environmental friendliness, and our first lecture set the tone.

Buzz Hoerr- a Saint Mike’s grad- is, in his words, “nuts about water.” He has managed to turn this passion into a business by finding a way to make water cleaner. All over the world, lakes, streams, rivers, and ultimately the deep blue sea are becoming extensively damaged and polluted by liquid waste. One main contributor to this liquid waste is agricultural livestock. The entire process was explained in Thursday’s lecture (those who missed it but have an interest in the environment can check out The less-than-scientific explanation I took away from it was that poop = pollution. Farmers put down manure to add nutrients to the soil, and eventually rain washes this manure off the fields and into nearby streams and rivers, which then continues into lakes and the ocean. The manure contains a lot of bad stuff like nitrogen and phosphorous, which rob the water of oxygen. The results are the depletion of ecosystems, the addition of harmful pathogens in water that can even be bad for humans, and a lot of rancid-smelling blue-green algae.

What Buzz found was the breakthrough technology that can be used to treat liquid waste in a way that is simple, efficient and effective. It gets rid of nearly all the bad stuff in liquid waste so that it is safe and less damaging to environment.

The machines that process the waste are pretty expensive, so most farmers wouldn’t buy them in this economy. That’s why Buzz decided to make ElectroCell Technologies a service, in which the technology is brought on site and liquid waste is processed for farmers before they spread it on the ground. The process makes the quality of liquid waste much better at a lesser cost to farmers, and greatly improves conditions on the farm and in the environment. All in all, it’s some better BS!

If you’re super disappointed that you missed Thursday’s lecture, there’s no need to worry! Attend another of our up-and-coming speeches, such as Pete Johnson (founder of Pete’s Greens) on October 30th, or Jade Jenny (creator/ head trainder of Champlain Valley Crossfit) on November 28th.  More details here.

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